Put Some Cherry on Top of your Lomography Shipping Box.

I am sure most of you get excited when your Lomography items arrived at your doorstep. When you received it, you open up the box and straight away grab your Lomography items, but wait a minute. If you are planning to give the items as a gift, how about make an artwork on the shipping box that you have just received. Get creative and i am sure whoever look at the box will be screaming happily : )

For the past few months, i have received 2 of my orders item at my doorstep and both of them were a gift to my girlfriend as we both really love taking lomograph : ).

Let’s get started now. How about we put some cherry on top of your Lomography shipping box (well, mine is from DHL). What you need is a colorful marker pen, a ruler, pencil and a little bit of creative ideas. First, you have to think what you want to put on top of the box. I always play around with typography and put some message sincere from my heart :P on top of the box.

When you know exactly what you want to write on top of the box, use you ruler and draw a basic line with a pencil. When you have the basic line, compose your artwork. You can align your artwork center, left or right. It all depends on your ideas and finally color your artwork with your marker pen. Simple yet you can make someone happy by looking at it and i am sure they will keep the box : )

What are you waiting for, don’t throw the shipping box yet. Draw something, write wonderful message on top of it. Make someone happy by looking at it : ).

p/s: Lomography products inside the box and wonderful message on top of the box, you really can make someone cry :P

written by amirulshahrom on 2011-02-09 #gear #tutorials #art #box #creative #message #tipster #packaging #quickie-tipster

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