Quickie tipster - Multi Exposure of Horizon Perfekt


Since the Horizon Kompakt can take shots of multiple exposures,why not the Horizon Perfekt too?

Horizon Perfekt does not have the capability for multi-exposure in itself, but you just need to do a little something, and you can achieve multi-exposure!


1) At the bottom left of the camera, there is a some ‘button’, hold it down when you’re winding the film. Do not press it once and let it go, because it will cause the film to advance as per normal.

2) When you hold the little button down, the silver gear for advancing the wind will only move very slightly, or not at all, thus enabling you to press the shutter once again!

Enjoy shooting Horizon!

written by ericeast on 2011-02-14 #gear #tutorials #kompakt #camera #mx #tipster #double #horizon #perfekt #quickie-tipster
translated by awesomesther

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  1. russheath
    russheath ·

    Thanks so much for the awesome tip! Great photos! I've tried this and my shots end up just a little overlapped -- the camera still seems to advance the film about 2/3 of the way. I'm holding the little button down for the entire film advancement . . . any suggestions??

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