Top 10 Uploaders in Indonesia!


This time, check out the Top Ten Uploaders from colorful Indonesia!

印尼的第一名是 adi_totp ──3082 張!是一枝獨秀的勝出啊!各位印尼的 lomographers要上載更多啊!

Indonesia’s top Uploader is adi_totp with 3082 photos! This is a clear winner! Indonesia Lomographers -you must give adi_totp a challenge and must upload more photos!

這年的 LomoHomeLab 功能增進了不少,照片大了,又能看到誰人「喜歡」了你的照片,更可以把舊有的 LomoHome 照片轉過來。分享 Analogue 照片變得容易多了。快把你們的作品也上載到 LomoHome 吧,加上相機、膠卷與地點的資料, 2011 年的 Top Uploaders 或 Most Popular Photos 可能就是你了!

This year LomoHome ‘s Lab has enhanced a lot with bigger picture, check out who ’likes’ your photos and you can bring old photo from your old LomoHome. Analogue sharing photos has become much easier. Get your works uploaded to LomoHome with information on its camera, film and its location and 2011 Top Uploaders or Most Popular Photos might be you!

NO.1 adi_totp – 3,082

by Sprocket Rocket

NO.2 n1cha – 658

by Fisheye No.2

NO.3 satriaramadhan – 497

by Holga 120 CFN

NO.4 freezedudul – 482

by Diana F+

NO.5 theandino – 477

by SuperSampler

NO.6 sondyy – 444

by LC-A+

NO.7 ngoki – 422

by Lubitel 166+

NO.8 specialblewah – 388

by Spinner 360°

NO.9 raintanumadia – 377

by Holga 135

NO.10 didjitalsin – 357

by LC-A+

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  1. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    congrats adi !! :D

  2. edwinchau
    edwinchau ·

    congratulations dear lomographers from indonesia :)))))))

  3. quaisoir
    quaisoir ·

    congrats adi!!!i know it's gonna be you. :)

  4. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    congrats indonesian lomographers! :)

  5. sondyy
    sondyy ·

    yeah angka gua bagus 444

  6. raintanumadia
    raintanumadia ·


  7. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    thank you all! Thank you Lomography!


    @ shareen
    hahaha.. I shoot a lot! thanks again!

  8. ripsta
    ripsta ·

    congrats adi. and the others

  9. freezedudul
    freezedudul ·

    woot i'm number 4 cool. congratulation guys. you're the best :D

  10. n1cha
    n1cha ·

    thanks and congrats all!

  11. tharun
    tharun ·

    selamat om adi, om manyi, om sondy :)

  12. theandino
    theandino ·

    Makasih om Tharun, klo saya cm kebetulan aja, hehe

  13. tattso
    tattso ·

    great work everybody!

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