On Our Way to THE Bridge


Everyone who goes to San Francisco is going to see this bridge as evidenced by the millions of pictures that have been made of this location. But no one actually shows what you will see on the way there. Take your camera, take your film, keep you eyes – and your heart open, and go there!

When we were traveling around the West Coast, we basically kept one thing in mind: forget the highway, take the long way. So we took California State Route 1. While it will take you days to get there from San Diego, the journey will serve as the perfect prelude for a tour of San Francisco. Once we arrived, the kids got sick and for two days I only got to see the city through my hotel window. So much for a prelude :-/ On the third day, we got the kids in the car and, finally, we went to THE bridge.

There are a lot of interesting places located near the bridge. We decided to check out the dog beach and from this place you can also see Alcatraz.

I had my Pouva Start and my Lomo LCA with the red scale film in it with me. I usually have some red scale film with me when going to a new city – it helps me see the city from a different perspective. Meanwhile, Pouva, is an old German middle format camera that is similar to the Holga. It is a very good camera to have around to document your travels.

Going back to the hotel with the kids, who unfortunately, were still sick, we visited the Presidio and the wonderful green area around it. Downtown San Francisco is where you can find Chinatown and some other lovely places which remain undiscovered as we had no more time – but I’m sure that when you guys get to go there, you will also take some pictures for me.

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  1. metzgor
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    awesome gallery!

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    great location and pictures!! :)

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    Wonderful article and gallery!!

  4. petranovskaja
    petranovskaja ·

    thank you!

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    vici ·

    great photos!

  6. neutral-grey
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    Have you ever been to the Lomo store up there

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