My Bestest LomoFriend


My best LomoFriend is English, although he’s acclimated perfectly to Spanish life. He likes zipping around Madrid on his bike. He hides from its unforgiving sun by climbing into the freezers in Carrefour. At weekends he escapes to his girlfriend’s village in Castilla La Mancha. When he’s old, he’d like to go and live in the Scottish Highlands. My best LomoFriend is an artist who wields pencils just as well as he handles cameras.

My best LomoFriend is bensozia.

bensozia and I have three things in common:

1. Our Horizon

2. Our passion for travelling

3. Our mutual addiction to “Lomoaina”

Yes, I said “Lomoaina.”

It’s the new designer drug. It mostly affects your bank account. It’ll make you spend your entire salary on developing, cameras and accessories. It steals you away from your loved ones and you can never get enough.

I used to leave him messages on his LomoHome saying: “Hello, my name is Tania and I’m addicted to Lomoaina.”

It made us both feel a little better about our problem to know there was someone else going through the same thing. Soon we came to realise that we weren’t alone and little by little we met more people who had fallen into this immense black hole, out of which it’s so difficult to escape…

Joking aside, it’s very healthy to have LomoFriends. You share tips, tricks, doubts, experiences and in our case, lots of laughs.

One day we decided to meet up and take a “LomoWalk,” that is, go out with your cameras and see what you can shoot.

We headed for the Debod Temple in Madrid, then later we went up to the roof terrace of the Fine Arts Circle. There was an exhibition and among the photos were some of our ambassador and friend of Lomography Spain “Pasquale Caprile”:

The weather wasn’t on our side that day. It was too cloudy and grey.
Ben tried out his Lubitel for the first time and took this portrait of me.

Credits: bensozia

These are some of the photos he took on the terrace with his Horizon Perfekt, and his new Lubitel.

Credits: bensozia

The best way to end our not very productive lomowalk? Go to a bar! Over a beer or two we talked about travels and adventures, past and future, about photos and other stories… But this time we did it face to face.

Credits: bensozia

These are some photos from bensozia's wonderful LomoHome if you want to see more.

written by warning on 2011-06-17 #lifestyle #lubitel #friend #lomography #horizon-perfekt #lomofriend #bensozia #analogue-lomography
translated by bensozia


  1. warning
    warning ·

    Sorry Ben. Now, there are others, but you´ll always be the first.....

  2. -alia-
    -alia- ·

    you're both great lomographers*

  3. jaalvarez
    jaalvarez ·

    Great lomographers !!

  4. stouf
    stouf ·

    I love you two. : )

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