Kodachrome's Demise Makes New York Times Front Page

On December 30th, none other but the New York Times dedicated a spot in its front page to analogue photographers worldwide and their scramble to develop the last remaining Kodachrome rolls.

Most dedicated Lomographers have heard of Kodachrome’s demise and of how Dwayne’s Photo, the only remaining place still developing the beloved film, would stop developing Kodachrome December 30th 2010.

Kodachrome, which the New York Times quotes as “a pop culture icon,” landed a spot on the newspaper’s very first page with an article that commemorated it as the first colour film to truly win the hearts of the masses. The article also reveals the stories of photography enthusiasts all over the world, who have gone above and beyond to use their Kodachrome film in time to get it developed. Don’t believe me? A man paid $15,798 to develop 1,580 rolls of films by the deadline and an artist who traveled from London to Kansas to turn the rolls in. That’s dedication right there.

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