Kodak T-Max Pro (TMZ 5054) ISO 3200 - 35mm


If you like photos that are black and white and grainy, then you have to try the Kodak T-Max (3200 iso).

I came across by chance. The day I bought it was not looking for a reel in black and white but … I went home with a Kodak T-Max 3200iso (35mm). After some time waiting to be used (always gave me a lot about photography in b & w, I’m not sure why), I decided and I carried him Diana Mini.

Before you start taking pictures like crazy, I tried asking around for any advice. I was told to use a photometer. With such a high ISO, it is quite difficult to get the point to the film. Indeed. After seeing the results (I asked for advice but ultimately did not followed. I have no meter so I measured the times)

It’s easy not to get shots too dark:

They are very clear:

If you do not want to burn the photo, I recommend using flash indoors even if it is already well lit or if you want to shoot something that is too close. When you take a picture inside and there is enough light, then you can take pictures without flash:

Despite all the photos burned or too dark, I am satisfied with the results.
I really like how the grain is so great in a black and white photography.

PS_ Keep in mind that everything mentioned above refers to the use of a Mini Diana (Aperture: sun – F/11 or cloud – F / 8. Shutter: N – 1/60s and B – bulb).

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  1. maneke
    maneke ·

    * thanks for the translation

  2. therealkraken
    therealkraken ·

    T-Max p3200 is probably my most favorite film. I shot 2 rolls with no flash @ the big apple circus in NYC. You can see the results here: www.lomography.fr/homes/therealkraken/albums/1653562-big-ap…

  3. therealkraken
    therealkraken ·

    I've also pushed this film to the max ISO and have never gotten photos this grainy. I recommend taking this film to a pro lab, or is your confident enough to do it yourself, use kodak XTOL developer and pay close attention to the developing times for the ISO you used.

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