Shing Hing Railway Station, Taiwan - A Nostalgic Tour


A good outing location for railway buffs, couples and families, immerse yourself in Taiwan’s Railway culture when you happen to swing by this place. It will give you better insight on how much the local railway system figured in daily life in the different Taiwanese cities and of course, gives you another opportunity to bring out your Lomo camera.

Many people should be very familiar with Taiwan’s Railway culture. In the name of progression, many old things were replaced. A lot of vintage railway stations were transformed into tourist attractions after they had long stopped operating. The presence of vendors and artists etc. adds colors and vibrancy to the location. This enables visitors to remember and understand the location’s history and anecdotes. Some famous examples are Lake FengQi and Shing Hing Station.

Although I had visited Shing Hing Station before, I still went there one afternoon. Along the way, one can observe Taiwanese’s creativity and sense of humor if one pays enough attention.

Credits: dogegg50

Although this is not the peak season, there are a lot of tourists and the vendors do their best to advertise their products and services.

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This is the destination.

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As there is a sketch artist at the station, Emily and I decided to commission a drawing of our beloved doggy. Haha! He must be stunned that we asked him to sketch our dog instead of the two of us.

Credits: dogegg50

The sketch turned out quite good! It manages to capture the likeness of the subject! After that, we took a walk along the railway.

Credits: dogegg50

This place is actually quite charming if one takes the time to appreciate! Lomographers can have a field day here. As it was quite crowded when I was there (there was even a wedding shoot!), I can’t easily exclude passersby from my composition. As I can’t concentrate on shooting, I didn’t scan a lot of films. I will let other Lomographers do the job of introducing the other parts of the location next time.

Credits: dogegg50

By the way, there is a blind masseur and I received a quickie 10-minute massage, it feels really good! You should give it a try if you are there!

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Even Toadie fell asleep due to fatigue!

Credits: dogegg50

Everyone decided to go home. Looking forward to the next outing. By the way, during firefly season, Shing Hing Station is also a good place to catch the fireflies in action!

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translated by coolsigg


  1. simon-hedge
    simon-hedge ·

    Nice bit of reportage.

  2. blowpufferfish
    blowpufferfish ·

    Nice article, but the location name is mis-spelt, it should be Sheng instead of Shing. I notice this because I went there last month. Really hope to go there again.

  3. dogegg50
    dogegg50 ·

    Thank you very very very much ^____^
    My English is very poor >"<

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