Capture the Darkness with Fujicolor Natura 1600


Before taking up rolls and cameras to embrace the fun of analogue life, I have never paid attention to films sold in photo shops. Well, things changed when I began this new craze for films.

Natura in and out

I once traveled to Kyoto, Japan for one week. On the last day of my trip, I happened to walk past a shop called “Angers”. It is a boutique that sells high-quality products, especially hand-crafted bags, notebooks, creative kitchenware, tools, film cameras, and films. When browsing through the interesting curiosities on the shelf, I noticed Lomography’s various cameras and among them, Fuji’s Natura 1600. Actually, the film should be worked with a Natura camera which is a luxury to own. As an alternate choice, I chose to buy two rolls of Natura 1600.

I took pictures with this film especially when I went to places with dimmed light sources or in rainy days. Some pictures were taken in night markets. I originally didn’t expect the results would be satisfying, but the film proved me wrong. Natura 1600 has captured every moment and objects in the dark and it has a warm and fine grains that soften the images to impress the viewers. I have to say I am totally stunned by its abilities to present the vivid and clear images even in dim-lit environments.

Check out some pictures I took in coffee shops and tradition markets in Taiwan:

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  1. disasterarea
    disasterarea ·

    Fantastic grain and colours...does anyone know where I can buy some in Europe?

  2. nicolas_noir
    nicolas_noir ·

    These shots are great! Just a note to anyone wondering where to get the film in Europe, the States, etc, this film is exactly the same as Fuji Superia 1600, just branded differently for the Eastern Asian market and to tie in with the Fuji Natura Classica range. I've not done comparison tests, but I've read that the edge codes are the same.

  3. fash_on
    fash_on ·

    @blowpufferfish: lovely gallery :)

    @nicolas_noir: very interesting, please check out my review of the Fuji 1600, I found it a bit grainy and I was hoping the Natura would be smoother, thought the price has put me off buying some :(…

  4. gvelasco
    gvelasco ·

    @fash_on: +1 with my Fuji 1600 experience.

  5. droogieboy
    droogieboy ·

    Great pics, blowpufferfish. What camera did you use for these?

  6. mcshanphoto
    mcshanphoto ·

    I really like the muted colors. Assuming you could get the same effect by using Superia 400 and then pushing two stops??

  7. blowpufferfish
    blowpufferfish ·

    Hi, droogieboy, I used a Nikon Zoom 310 AF for these pictures. This point-and-shoot camera is also a great weapon!

  8. veato
    veato ·

    I would sell a kidney for a Natura. I cant justify the £250+ cost in the UK for one :(

    Love the pics!

  9. shariff
    shariff ·

    Impressive results!

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