Prut River

Remember my last location, the Carpathian Mountains? Well this time around, I asked the old woman to tell me the story of a boy named Prut, whose heartbreaking tale made him quite known in this region prompting the locals to name this river after him.

Once upon a time there was a boy named Prut, who worked in the mountains. One day, he was working for so long that he decided to stay overnight in the mountains and slept under a big pine tree. During his sleep he dreamed about a beautiful girl who was all dressed in green. She came to him, stroked his hair and sang a song. But as the boy stretched out to reach for her hand, she disappeared the he woke up, but no one was around. He couldn’t shake off the image of the girl out of his head so he decided to find her.

On the following night, he laid under the same pine tree but didn’t go to sleep as he was waiting for the girl. As she neared the tree, he jumped and hugged her before even asking for her name. She smiled and said that her name’s “Horvela”. They instantly fell in love and after that night, Prut was almost never seen again in the village.

Horvela’s father was the mountain tsar, therefore she could not come down from the mountains and be among the people.When he found out about Horvela’s romance with Prut, he cursed her but Horvela could not live without her lover and jumped from a high cliff, resulting to a terrible wind which destroyed everything in its path. The following morning, people saw that in place of a valley, there is now a big mountain.

For a long time Prut looked for Hoverla. He ran to the mountain and thought she heard her voice and never returned back to his village. Since then, water started to flow down through a mountain river, laying a path between rocks and people named the river “Prut”, and the mountain “Hoverla”.

The River Prut, is approximately 850 km long, and rises in the Carpathian Mountains in Western Ukraine. For most of its length, it serves as the border between Romania & Moldova until it finally flows into the River Danube at Reni which is close to the Black Sea.

Between 1918 and 1940 it was almost entirely in Romania. Prior to that it also served as a border between Romania and the Russian Empire. After World War II the river resumed its border purpose between Romania and the Soviet Union. Nowadays, for a length of 695 km it forms the border between Romania and Moldova. The biggest city along its banks is Chernivtsi, Ukraine.

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