Yashica 35-ME


Yashica 35-ME was manufactured in 1973 by Yashica Co Ltd in Tokyo, Japan. This camera is a 35mm rangefinder, very solid and compact (24×36mm). Very easy to use, it has a distance indicator on the lower part of the viewfinder and a built in exposure meter which runs on one 1.3 V mercury battery and also appears on the right side of the viewfinder. The lens is a Yashinon f/2.8 38mm, the shutter is programmed set with speed range from 1/30 to 1/650 sec. The camera has an ISO/ASA selector, tripod thread, release cable thread, self timer and a flash hotshoe.

This camera takes extremely sharp pictures with the quality of a SLR camera, it is great for outdoors and it is perfect to shoot skaters or bikers on skate parks, the viewfinder is large enough to keep an eye on a moving subject until it is right on the spot, the shutter release button has a perfect sensibility and the automatic shutter does the rest, the only thing you have to care for is the distance.

The viewfinder and its built in exposure and distance indicator allows you to change or analyze the values without taking your eye of the viewfinder, this features is very useful when you have multiple subjects at different distances, you won’t miss a thing.

When shooting indoors, the tripod thread, cable release thread and flash hotshoe are an important help to get the best result possible; when using the camera outdoors try to shoot colorful subjects to make the most out of the camera sharpness, accuracy and lens quality.

This Yashica was given to me by a friend, it was stored in a closet for many years, but you can find this camera pretty cheap on an online store and it surely worth every penny, it is a very reliable camera and very rough, you can take it everywhere without any worries, it’s hard body and simple construction can take most of the shocks of a regular use.


Camera type: 35mm Rangefinder

Manufacturer: Yashica Co. Ltd.

Film: 35mm color/B&W 80 to 400 ISO

Lens: Yashinon f/2.8 38mm

Shutter: Programmed shutter 1/30 to 1/650 sec.

Other: Flash hotshoe, tripod thread, cable release thread, self timer, viewfinder with exposure meter and distance indicator, ASA/ISO selector, exposure meter.

Size: 24 × 36 mm

Power source: 1.3 V mercury battery

Film Loading: Manual

Film transport: Manual

Film Rewind: Manual

What I like in this camera:

- Sharpness

- Roughness

- Light meter and distance in the viewfinder

What I dislike in this camera:

- Film transport lever needs to be readjusted from time to time

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  1. mbhuyko
    mbhuyko ·

    i have this one :D

  2. romson
    romson ·

    Nice! Except one thing: that's viewfinder camera, not rangefinder. Quite a serious difference, I have to admit :)

  3. bigcityal
    bigcityal ·

    @romson I have the ME-1, it's zone focus yes.

  4. serro
    serro ·

    Hi! Do you think this camera works without the battery in it? I've been taking photos with it and everything seems to be working okay.

  5. noelnps
    noelnps ·


    Hi! yes you could. there is a "get around" without using a battery on this camera. you'll only be limited to a shutter speed of 1/25 sec. but you can adjust the aperture by using the manual flash guide no. setting which has an equivalent aperture opening for each. then using either a hand held light meter or "Sunny 16 Rule" you can adjust the correct exposure that corresponds to the lighting condition on site.

    Guide No. Aperture
    ----------- ----------
    10m f2.8
    14m f4.0
    20m f5.6
    28m f8.0
    40m f14

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