Lomography New Year Lucky Bags - Valid until 1.1.2011!

聖誕的派對完結,歡樂的氣氛卻有需要延續!為迎接 2011 的到來,Lomography 網上商店給你預備了份外豐厚的購物優惠,及*驚喜數以倍贈的 Lomography Lucky Bag 福袋。

Even with the christmas celebrations over, that doesn’t mean the atmosphere of joy is ended! To welcome the 2011 year, Lomography Online Store prepared you generous *shopping discounts and several Lomography Lucky Bag to surprise you!

福袋的內容分別有 Camera Bags(包括不同特色的 Lomographic 相機)、Film Bags(包括 Lomographic 及其他品牌膠卷)、Mix bags(包括 Lomography 相機、相機配件、膠卷及服飾產品)。

We’ve selected great combinations of Lomography goods in the Lomography Lucky bag. There are bags specifically for Lomographic cameras, film bags including Lomography film and other great films and finally, a Mix Bag with a great mix of Lomography camera, accessory and films!

*折扣優惠高達 7 折
*Discount Up to 30% Off

每套裝均包括 Lomography 相機、相機配件、膠卷及服飾產品
Includes all happy goods such as Lomography camera, accesories, films and clothes!

每套裝均包括不同特色的 Lomographic 相機
includes various features of unlimited possibilities of Lomographic cameras

每套裝均包括 Lomographic 及其他品牌膠卷
Includes various features of lomography films and other great films

發售期由即日至 2011年 1月 1日 ― 只有不足一星期,希望你也會喜歡這份祝福吧!
The Lucky Bags are open until 1st Janurary, 2011.

立即選購眾 Lomography Lucky Bags
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