Image Fusion Split Cam!


It sounds too good to be true that a simple point and shoot sunny day film camera that can do the split and multiple exposure (MX)! Yes, Lomography Split Cam fits the bill to a T!

I am attracted by the handsome 2 tone (yellow & black) painted body. There are 2 pairs of slits on the front, one pari for covering the view finder and the other pair for covering the lens. One the back, there is a multiple exposure (MX) switch next to the shutter winder. This is a fixed aperture (f8), fixed shutter speed (1/100 sec) sunny day camera. Recommend films are iso400 negatives or iso200 slides.

For those of you familiar with using the splitzer on LCA+ or Diana, the logic is the same. Manipulate the top or bottom slit on the lens to get the desired amount of coverage. Shoot. Push the MX switch. Adjust the slit covers again. And shoot! As with the splitzer, the danger here is that the lens could be closed when you look through the viewfinder and everything seems ok. This is where the cleverly designed 2 top slits come into action. If you are afraid that you will make this mistake, always close the top 2 slits after you had completed your shots. This will force you to check the camera front when you can’t see anything through the viewfinder.

One disadvantage of the split cam vs the splitzer is that I can’t do half frame shot in the landscape orientation as the slits are being pushed from left to right. For example, in the photo below, I can’t block out the body of the yellow car in the right side of the frame.

Therefore, the standard MX i used most is the top/bottom split.

Nonetheless, Split Cam is a fun little camera to bring out and experiment new methods of taking MX shots!

written by coolsigg on 2010-12-30 #gear #plastic #review #multiple-exposure #split #cheap #image-fusion #lomo #user-review


  1. roonandbeks
    roonandbeks ·

    We love our split cam, we got some sweet results with redscale film…

  2. casi
    casi ·

    This is a nice cam

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