Tres vidas en lomo (Three lives in lomo)


“Tres vidas en lomo” (Three lives in lomo) is a collective exhibit showing spontaneity and colorful images of three creative guy’s surroundings and daily activities with their lomo cameras.
This is the first lomography exhibit in Puebla, Mexico

Photo by: comezone

This exhibit shows Frank Coronado, Mariana Losada and Tito Arias’ work. It consists of 245 images in different sizes from abstract forms to portraits and some landmarks displayed in 3 gallery rooms. In one of them there’s an audiovisual with some interviews where they explain their experiences doing Lomography, a couple of movie clips that joins part of their works and a brief explanation of the ten golden rules of Lomography.

Place: Fototeca Juan C. Méndez
Address: 7 Oriente #15, Puebla México
Hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 10-17 hrs
Open until February 13th.

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