Fuji Cheki 7


Grrrrlllllrrrrrrrrr! The little bear let you take the small picture. Wait one or two minutes. Here it is! You got your picture!

I’ve chosen the White edition, because I like milk, and I like the snow too. The white Edition has been made for me. I confess that the Chocolate edition is sexy too, but it’s a question of feeling. The white is very beautiful, even if it’s hard to see this cam on the LSI shop (white…on a white background!)

Open the Box (notice that it’s a beautiful box). Take the little white bear in your hands, but one hand is enough (less than 400 gr).

I slowly become a real professional in fuji instax, as I bought the Fuji 55i before. I like to have pictures in my hand, instantly. The Cheki 7 got a secret : is it a special edition, for the Japanese market, but you can put inside some batteries easy to find in Europe (LR4). With Four batteries, you make around 200 pictures with the flash.

Put the lens out of the body of the cam and it starts. Simply.
Pictures are sharp and colour perfect. Small, ok, – credit card size – but that’s also a quality. And if you want bigger pictures, there is the wide instax cam. Fuji 7’s is more a game, less serious.
The Cheki 7 couldn’t be easier to use. With its simple exposure control, automatic built-in flash, 0.6m – infinity focusing and high quality Fujinon lens. That’s a good, and a bad thing too.
Good, because all of your friend can take picture with this cam. That’s funny, and I like to share, that is my lomo feeling.
But it’s bad if you like to be a sort of king of photography for your friends, a sort of magician, “the man who know who works a Holga”. No magic with this cam, no theory, no knowledge.
Some have tried to create an correspondent with the instax. They consider that “indoor” (first setting) is equal to a F11, cloudy (second setting) F16, sunny (third setting) F22, big sunny (fourth setting) F32. Shutter speed seems to be locked at 1/60th (synchronised with the flash).

There is an automatic flash in low light (automatic adjustment, 0.2 – 6 second recycle time, range of 0.6 – 2.7m). But on full sun, the cam still fired a flash. It’s not a matter for me, but if you want to experiment the cam without flash simply use black gaffers tape to cover the flash.

Only strange thing, the white is slower than others fuji’s instax cam to deliver the picture: it takes 5 seconds (2 seconds for others cam). The little bear like to grunt…it’s not a real matter, (if your not a spy who takes secret pictures).

Special tips: buy an old typewriter at your local flea-market (for 2 € like me) and wrote with it on your fuji instax films!

Check out the Instax microsite here

written by anglemort on 2008-10-08 #gear #review #instax #instant-camera #fuji


  1. nok21
    nok21 ·

    I need ask about those camera as you say that you now become professional... :) Have you ever use instax 25??? Was it good compare to instax 7s that you have got ( i like the choco one ).... I am about to order it ... how about compare to the old one of yours( instax 55) which one is the best...???? and how long does it take for this kind of instant film will be faded? looking forward t see your anewer :)

  2. anglemort
    anglemort ·

    yes, I ever use the 25, good cam, really like a 55. In my opinion the better cam is the 55, then the 25 and at least the 7s. But 7s got some great new idea inside, specially the fact that you can use some batteries that you can found in my country -france-. The batteries of the 55 are hard to find here (CR2). 7s is a really good deal, and I personnaly think this cam take pictures as good as the 55, so I would buy it, cause it's really really cheaper!
    Faded ? do you mean when the film will be dead (no good colors on it etc ?). Fuji promise that they use a better emulsion than polaroid, and they promise that pictures will stay good in decades. If you speak of the time to have the picture with they real colors in your hand : 3 minutes. I'm sorry, my english is bad, i will be happy to answer you if I understand :)

  3. nok21
    nok21 ·

    Thanks a lot and I understand what you are saying :) Do you know the price of these cam??? In my country-Thailand- is cost about 81 USD but i think in Japan will be cheaper!!! and one of my friends is going there sooo it will be a good deal.... really need to have it right now! So you will prefer 7s to 25 ,right??? How about the function?? Which one is better or they are just the same.... I try to read the specification but I think that asking some expert is more useful! Thanks again :)

  4. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    I love this instant set!

  5. anglemort
    anglemort ·

    For the price, on LSI and everywhere you will see that the 7s is the cheaper. Maybe japan cheaper than everywhere, due to the fact that they come from japan, but for a french like me buying in japan is really hard because they never speak or write in english on their website, and when they buy on e-bay it's quite the same price than in hong-kong or in all asia. But in japan, in shop, there is probably a good deal to make. Yes, I will prefer the 7s, cause it's really like the others cam but with great design and cheaper!!! But, you know, it's like a drug, when you buy one you want the other cam ! and your friend buy their cam, you share your mini fuji etc. Personaly I buy one of this cam a year ago, and now 5 of my friends got a cam, they fall in love with it! For the function believe me : no real difference in fact between the cams ! but with the 7s you don't have the timer cause its a cam without electronic except the flash. The 55 for example is more electronic (there is a screen showing number of pictures inside the cam, the power of batteries etc) and there is a timer inside for taking a picture 10 s after put a button on the function. Hard to choose, because it's a quite expensive cam comparing to a 7s ! So, if you got some really great price in japan, why not buying a 25 or a 55 at a price of a 7s here. You know, I'm student, and like all students in this world the price is a very important question for me, that's why I said that 7s is the better cam. But acording to specifications, functions etc the 55 or the 25 are better (because of timer etc) !!! (if you got some CR2 batteries in your country, because here it's hard to get !)

  6. ttrsgirl
    ttrsgirl ·

    nice shots :) i got the camera- not the batteries! and they won't work without the batteries :( how much does it cost for the mini instax films?

  7. cinzinc
    cinzinc ·

    hey! films are hard to find where i am. i got a question, have u ever tried using an expired film pack on ur fuji? wud it be alright just like how we lomographers use an expired film into our film cameras? wud an expired fuji instax film pack ruin the camera? will it still produce the photo? u get what i mean.hehe. let me know =)

  8. ecchymoses
    ecchymoses ·

    oooh! fan des photos et le coup de la machine à écrire, c'est juste génial! en plus, celle-ci est super choue!

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