For the Love of Lomo


A short and snippy little piece about my newfound love of all things analogue and Lomographic. I wrote the original article for my blog and a creative magazine I am the editor of called Chichester Creative Network.

I have a new love at the moment, and it’s name is ‘Lomo‘. What is Lomo? Well, analogue photography using a Lomo camera, like a Diana, Holga or Lomo LC-A.

I was intrigued recently by a Lomo feature on Etsy and then got chatting on Twitter with Alexandra who works for Lomography. I had a look at the site, the members, their collections and became drawn in by these lovely whimsical, colourful images, and by the interesting, talented and supportive community on Lomography.

Lomo cameras (sometimes referred to as ‘toy’ cameras because of their plastic bodies and lenses) produce distinctive images that incorporate strange effects like vignetting, light streaks and bright saturated colours. They have a distinctly vintage effect overall. They are sometimes ethereal, other wordly, odd, whimsical and strangely fascinating.

Lomo photography has been around for quite a while now (well it began in the 1960′s when the cameras were first produced) and had a resurgence in the 1990s when a couple of guys picked up a Lomo camera in Austria and were excited by the weird quality of the images the cameras and film produced. Lomography has since generated a huge renaissance in analogue photography, and the community continues to grow with new stores opening up all over the place.

I have three Lomo cameras, the lovely and quirky new Dian Mini + in black and turquoise, a bright pink Holga 120 GCFN, and a bright yellow Holga CB135. Owning the LOMO LC-A+ is my ambition for the new year.

The Diana Mini has been produced by Lomography and is based on the classic Diana + created in the 1960′s, but smaller, neater and more compact, though still incorporating the square format images (optional), and using 35mm film as opposed to 120mm. It’s fab, and I have had lots of fun with it thus far. I joined the Lomography society site, and have picked up some good tips there, here is my page, Illusio on Lomography.

Also, in my quest for information about Lomography, I came across this amazing blog, that includes the loveliest Lomo photography and engagingly titled, Diana Mini Love check it out.

As for my mad pink Holga, I haven’t played with it as much yet, it only includes 12 to 16 exposures on film, depending on whether using rectangle or square format. However, if you want film that incorporates special effects like Redscale or X-Pro Chrome, then buy from the Lomography Shop.

I am very excited by this new hobby. In as much as digital photography has immense advantages, there is a quaint charm to Lomo analogue photography. Analogue, Lomo photography is a chancy and experimental business. Ones approach has to be entirely different and in fact, what would be considered a fairly prosaic shot using a state of the art digital camera, can with a Lomo camera, be imbued with a special mixture of excitement and artistic intensity.

Here are some inspired shots from new friends of mine:

Credits: squamy, welland, hairymaff & dictaphone

Here are some cool Lomo links:

Diana Mini Love
==The Lomo Camera – Shoot from the Hip" "Life in the Lo Lane – All you need to know about Lomo Cameras==":

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  1. squamy
    squamy ·

    Lovely write up and thanks for including me :)

  2. welland
    welland ·

    Really good read, thanks for including my photo, makes me remember sunny days!

  3. raintanumadia
    raintanumadia ·

    i <3 lomo

  4. illusio
    illusio ·

    Thanks for the good feedback guys. xx

  5. dictaphone
    dictaphone ·

    Nice :) And thank you for including one of my pictures, can't wait to see your Holga shots!

  6. hairymaff
    hairymaff ·

    Thanks for including one of my photo's.
    I have also just invested in a Holga :)

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