Minolta 110 Zoom SLR MkII


The Minolta 110 zoom SLR MkII with macro a stunning piece of kit that should fit in your pocket……

The Minolta 110 Zoom MkII was born in 1979 replacing the original model which was a normal flat 110 camera with a big lens stuck on the front.

The lens is a 25-67mm 1:35 beast (said to be the best lens ever on a submini) and has a macro function down to around 8". This redesign took the shape of a small SLR camera and is easier to use and hold than the original model. The Mark 2 is fully-automatic with aperture-priority exposure, there are no manual settings although you can +/- by a couple of stops. This model offers TTL full-aperture metering with a center-weighted CDS reading which is very nice. It has speeds of 1/4 – 1/1000 and also B. It takes a 40.5mm filter which Minolta produced a set including a Yellow, Skylight and UV, It also came with a nice lens hood. Also available was a hand grip and a dedicated flash (AEF118X) It could also take various minolta SLR eyepiece accessories such as the Angle Finder Vn, Magnifier Vn, Eyepiece Corrector Lens Vn, and Eyepiece Hood EH-7.

Credits: copefan

The pictures were taken on a film which came with the camera and is of an unknown make and speed! But I like the results and can’t wait to put another film through it as i’m sure it produce even better results next time. Like the Pentax Auto 110 (which is smaller than the Minolta) it fits in your pocket and its very light the view finder is bright and with a bit more practice this will become a camera worth it’s weight in gold…….

In the UK 110 film can be processed by www.peak-imaging.co.uk

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  1. joshuacamerainfo
    joshuacamerainfo ·

    Umm may i ask if the camera lens of is removable because i have one of these and i want to clean the dust on in pls.....

  2. leisuresuit
    leisuresuit ·

    Great article. I have one of these!

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