Lomography 最受歡迎照片 2010 :五月 (Lomography Most Popular Photos of 2010: May)

在這時節,自然景色處處結合了 Lomography 世界裡獨有的強烈對比!

Credits: gnarlyleech

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一路回顧著最受歡迎的照片,月曆揭到下一張已是五月了。當然,每人也會在這月份享受著暖和的天氣,這樣的光線最適合隨拍。尤其是那些喜歡到戶外走走的 Lomographer ,都會拿著他 / 她的相機沐浴在這個充滿耀眼色彩的月份。

無容置疑,最受歡迎的照片是 gnarlyleech 的作品,一片悅目的畫面在他眼前展開,而且他的相機也看到了──如史詩般歌頌了大自然千百樣奇景中的一瞬!

一如以往,沒有了一群瘋狂又忠實的 Lomo 社群,這照片集怎算完整?以下的作品亦擠身了本月的最受歡迎之列!

Credits: denial_denial
Credits: neja
Credits: renaishashin
Credits: les_parisiens
Credits: mephisto19
Credits: geltona
Credits: stouf
Credits: mephisto19
Credits: superlighter
Credits: grad
Credits: satomi
Credits: grad
Credits: pith
Credits: gachwell
Credits: myloveletter
Credits: bxlomo
Credits: susielomovitz
Credits: ripsta
Credits: ecchymoses
Credits: renaishashin
Credits: adbigmilk
Credits: shoujoai
Credits: metzgor
Credits: domyblue
Credits: reneg88
Credits: paramir
Credits: sanoja
Credits: miaumiau-wildekatze
Credits: ululchen
Credits: ripsta

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