My Favorite Photolab: FotoPrisma


Near at home, nice people, a family business. Foto Prisma is one of my favorite photolab!

When I started to make analogue photography, immediately I met Foto Prisma. This photolab is in the city where I live (Viña del Mar, Chile). It´s not very cheap, but there are five things that I love.

1 .- It´s a family business, the father, Mr. Claudio, and his daughters are the sole staff of this lab. Everyone knows a lot about photography.
2 .- Their attention and customer service are amazing, they are very friendly.
3.- Many times I have been in trouble with my cameras and Mr. Claudio helps me, he removed the screws in my LC-A for the instant back.
4.- It is one of the few photolabs that make analogue 120 copies from the negative.. I love them!
5 .- Their approach to their photolab services is very personal. I always say how I want the copy (more blue, less green) and they do it exactly what I said.

These are some scanned copies

Foto Prisma has old used cameras for sale of different brands and it repairs old cameras too. Also, it has developing chemicals, B & w films, slides and many other toys for photographers.

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  2. copefan
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    sounds like my kinda place......

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    hope theres same place in my town

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