Snappy New Year!


2011 is almost upon us so we wanted to wish you all a very Happy New Year. It’s been another crazy year for us with lots of new Lomographers joining the family, the unveiling of some exciting new cameras, and new Gallery stores opening throughout the world. We’d like to thank you all for your continued enthusiasm for all things film. With your help, the future is most certainly analogue!

Photo by: xkelx

Blog It: New Year’s Resolutions

Now’s the time for some New Year’s resolutions. What are you plans? What lifeftime ambitions are you going to fulfill? Do you plan to climb Everest? Or just climb out of bed an hour before midday? We want to know. Write a blog about your resolutions, paste the hyperlink here. Our favourite will earn themselves some new year piggies and be featured online.

Post your comment here!

So get blogging! We’ll start you off… Resolution 1. Take more photos.

Photo by: renaishashin

Photo Rumble: Two Thousand and Then

Getting to the end of the year is always a good time for reflecting on what’s happened. Sometimes a year can pass in a bit of a blur, which is why cameras were invented. So now’s the time to look back on all your negatives and work out exactly what went down. We want to know too. So pick out your favourite photo that you took in 2010 (we know that’s a tough job) and upload it. Remember, only one each!

Join the Rumble here!

The top three will get themselves some Piggies. Happy New Year!

Photo Rumble: Music to your Ears

We give you the song title. You send us a LomoWall link to match. Simple really. Be as inventive as you like. Our unapologetically festive themed playlist is as follows:

Photo by: zatoichi

Game of Tag: Ch Ch Changes

Continuing our celebration of making some New Year changes we’re also running a phototagging competition. No need to upload photos, just tag some of your existing ones with the word “change” and the most creative will nab themself 15 pink ones. Can anyone smell bacon?

Head over to your Home

Picture Puzzles

We’re trying something new for you… Here’s how it’s going to work…. Print the scrambled images below. Cut the on the dotted lines. Rearrange the squares to make the original image. Whoever posts the right number combination for the picture first wins 10 Piggies!

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