Lomo LC-A Split , without Extra Cost.


With a little bit of creativity, you can Split to your heart’s content at a small cost!

Multiple exposure (MX) is always full of surprises and fun. With a little mod, day and night can co-exist! Let’s do it now!

Step1.Open the back cover and cut a thin piece of paper into this shape as shown in the photo.

Step2.Slap on some double sided tape.

Step3.Stick it on the square frame.

Step4.Load the film, and make a marking. It makes realignment easier when you need to reload the film.

Step5.After going through the roll, rewind the film and reposition the paper the other way. Reload the film and ensure that you align it with the marking made previously.

Step6.If you want to MX, rememerber to set the ASA to 200 if you are using ASA100 film. In this way, the film won’t be overexposed when you shoot it the second time.

This mod is really easy! Just go out and shoot!

written by democrazy on 2011-03-24 #gear #tutorials #diy #lc-a #split #tipster #lomography
translated by coolsigg

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