Cheeky Chocolates!

Cheeky Chocolates is located in one of the newest shopping malls in Singapore: Iluma, in Bugis. Actually, I discovered this place one day by accident as I was intent on catching up on my reading and basically enjoy a quiet afternoon by my lonesome.

One lazy afternoon, I wanted to find a coffee joint and catch up on some readings. The usual Coffee Bean and Starbucks on the lower floors were all packed. As I headed to the higher floors in search of a quiet corner, I noticed that Cheeky Chocolates fits the bill. The sign proudly proclaims: “We serve only the best chocolate” so I went in and ordered their hot chocs.

The hot chocs is fragrant and not too sweet. The atmosphere is cosy and seats are comfortable. For the curious customers, they can peek at the open concept bakery/kitchen and understand how their pastries and drinks are prepared.

Since then, I had been back several times as I like the nice atmosphere and attentive service. Another recommendation is their chocolate pastries for those with a sweet tooth. Do pay them a visit if you want to enjoy a quiet afternoon.


written by coolsigg on 2010-12-26 #places #film #chocolate #iso400 #location #lomography #bugis #lca #personal-story #iluma

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