Forgot Someone On Your List? Get them a Lomography Gift Voucher!

Last-minute Holiday stress wearing you out? Forgot to get someone a gift? We come to your aid with a fantastic idea – Lomography Gift Vouchers!

So you’re all ready to surf through all the Holiday parties for some festive feasting and mingling, all cosy and feeling so chipper, when … uh oh! Just realized that you missed someone on your Holiday shopping gift list? Forget about panic-ridden trips to the gas station for a last-minute present; for desperate times like these, just go to our online Shop and buy some Lomography Gift Vouchers!

  1. Choose an amount between USD/EUR/GBP 10-200, and we’ll send you a Voucher Code.
  2. Mail the voucher to your recipient.
  3. The Voucher Code can be used to purchase a Lomographic item in our online Shop, and is valid for one whole year!
  4. See? It’s easy! A quick, great gift to give – your friends get to choose the Lomography goodie that they want. Problem solved!

Buy a Gift Voucher in the Online Shop!
Come and Visit the Shop!

Stop by one of our Gallery Stores!

If you are the type who likes to see things in person before buying them, stop by one of our gallery stores! Where you can see a lineup of our allstars and let loose with stress reducing activities, parties, drinks, cookies and more that we will be offering up to the 6th of January! Drop by anytime during the holiday season and we’ll make sure you’re treated like an analogue King or Queen!

Now go and spread some cheer, dear Lomographer! Before heading out the door, don’t forget to bring your favourite analogue camera with you. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Get Your Gifts on Time! See Shipping Cut-Off Dates
Need help finding the perfect gift? See the Lomography Gift Guide!

written by shhquiet on 2010-12-23 #news #shop #holidays #gift #gift-voucher

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