UK Lomographic Lives no. 8: kneehigh85

Our last featured UK Community member before Christmas is kneehigh85, AKA Claire

Vital statistics
Name: Claire Worrall AKA kneehigh85
Where I Live: Leeds, Yorkshire
Age: 25
Dayjob: Business support worker for West Yorkshire Probation Trust

Claires favourite shot

This is one of my all time favourite photos and I think it will always be close to my heart. It was taken on holiday in Berlin and was pretty much the first time I had used my Diana Mini with coloured flash. This was the last shot on a roll of film and I wanted to switch to black and white so I pointed it up in the air and just took a couple of waste shots – this was one of them and I was so pleased with it when I got the results considering it was meant to just be a random one.

How long I’ve been a Lomographer: almost 2 years (on and off!) – for the full story see my blog entry

Favourite Camera/Film/Accessory Combination: Diana Mini with Kodak Elite Chrome 100 although this is quite a new one to me and I have only just started to experiment with cross processing. I love the way it looks, plus my first and (so far!) only award has come from a photo using this combination so I am also a little biased towards it now.

My Gallery:

In my own words….
I think the main reason I love lomography (although the friendly online community is a big help!) is that although I love all things artistic, I myself am absolutely useless at drawing/painting/anything even vaguely artsy and I always have been. I am also completely useless when it comes to the more technical side of photography such as digital and photoshop. Lomography offers a way to make brilliant pictures, often quite artsy looking ones too, which don’t need work or tweaking doing on them on photoshop, where it doesn’t matter if you have kind of shot into the sun and got huge streaks of random colour down the centre of a page, cut the top of somebody’s head off where the shot wasn’t lined up quite right or even double exposed. All of which I am terribly good at! These things only enhance your pictures and make them artistic once you have embraced the lomography motto of “don’t think, just shoot!”

Ones to watch:
warning – Amazing portraits/self-portraits.
Javihacefotos – Lovely Lomowalls
copefan – Fellow UK lomographer – ace photos of UK.

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