Lomography Most Popular Photos of 2010: October


The seasons may have changed, but the amount of stellar photos the community shared with us are still overflowing for the month of October!

Credits: blackcoffeeandtantrum

We’re drawing close to the end, but it ain’t over ‘till it’s over! We’ve got a great mix of some spooky photos, and Autumn hues for all of you to enjoy as we reminisce back on the month of leaves starting to shed for winter!

October’s most popular photo is by our buddy blackcoffeeandtantrum with this spookie Zombie-stein just chillin’ out on the pool. Shot with the Lubitel 166+ and loaded with the Fuji Provia 400F – it’s a definite treat for Hallows’ eve!

Check out some equally-gorgeous photos that the community graced with during the month of October below:

Credits: panelomo
Credits: shooooter
Credits: warning
Credits: mephisto19
Credits: bravebird
Credits: elede
Credits: lomovan
Credits: dakadev_pui
Credits: bccbarbosa
Credits: sondyy
Credits: lomoteddy
Credits: satomi
Credits: eskimofriend
Credits: satomi
Credits: daitita
Credits: japsix
Credits: naqi
Credits: fish300
Credits: cyanwater
Credits: hburgess
Credits: dotdotdot
Credits: bccbarbosa
Credits: zenline
Credits: nicolas_noir
Credits: troch

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    These are all amazing shots. Great work everyone.

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