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The Axehammer AX-828 Panoramic Camera

2010-12-24 6

It’s no Horizon Perfekt, but, for $2 (US), this little point-and-shoot yields some sweet wide-angle surprises!

I was near Phsar Thmei (the New Market) in Phnom Penh waiting for my motorbike to be repaired, when I decided to take a short walk down the street and stopped in at a small photo shop.

Behind the counter, I noticed some small boxes with large letters reading “PANORAMA CAMERA.” Inside the boxes were small black plastic cameras with a white switch on the top. I asked the shop clerk how much for the camera. “$2” he answered. Deal.

The official product name for the camera is the Axehammer AX-828 Panoramic Camera, but in this article I’m just going to refer to it by the most dignified part of it’s name, Axehammer.

Credits: tiro8

Here are the stats:

Format: 135/35mm
Lens: 28mm
Aperture: f11
Focus: fixed; 1.2m to infinity
Shutter: 1/125
Winding Mechanism: coupled with shutter release, so no multiple exposures out of box.
Origin: according to the box, made in Taiwan

Here are some cool things about the Axehammer:

1. It’s name.
2. It’s mysterious. Using all my google-ing skills, information about this camera eluded me on the information superhighway. The results are also a bit unpredictable. I found that sometimes the viewfinder was completely accurate, and on other shots, i found myself looking at a photo I had never envisioned.
3. That white switch. The switch allows the photographer to change between modes “N” and “P.” When on “N,” the camera takes conventional wide-angle 35mm exposures. Switch to “P” and you get narrow wide-angle exposures. The photographer can switch modes even in mid-roll.
4. The Axehammer is small and inconspicuous. This makes it nice for some lo-fi street photography.

Credits: tiro8

Here are some shortfalls which might also still qualify as cool to a Lomographer:

Despite it’s rugged name, the Axehammer has a rickety feel to it. Until I got my first negatives back from the lab, I wasn’t sure the camera had actually been closed enough to prevent massive light leaks. It felt like the latch wasn’t tightly sealed. However, the shots from that roll didn’t show any light leaks.

The winding sometimes felt a bit rough. A few times, I was worried that I’d torn the film.

The camera has an exposure counter, but it didn’t work. Again, until I got the negatives back, I wasn’t sure there would be anything on the film, because the exposure counter was still on “S”. “S” stands for surprise.

I’m not sure the Axehammer is technically a panoramic camera. At least, not in the same sense as a Horizon or other swivel-lensed camera. It’s basically a wide-angle point-and-shoot with the option of engaging two little masks which cover the top and bottom 20 percent of an exposure and create a narrow horizontal or vertical print.

Credits: tiro8

There is nothing sharp about the Axehammer. The focus is a bit blurred even in bright sunlight. For these galleries, I used iso 200 film. The sun is usually very strong and bright in Cambodia, where I live. However, for most use, I would recommend iso 400 film.

Credits: tiro8

I found the Axehammer relatively easy to load and to rewind when the roll was finished. It also comes with a handy faux leather carrying case and complete set of instructions in both English and Mandarin.

Credits: tiro8

For those of you already counting out your pennies to pick up one of these $2 beauties, I have some good/bad news. I haven’t been able to locate any online vendors selling the Axehammer. However, Cambodia is beautiful to visit this time of year, so if you’re up for an adventure, grab your passport and $2 head for Phnom Penh!

written by tiro8 on 2010-12-24 #gear #point-and-shoot #cheap #shoot-from-the-hip #35mm #plastic #panorama #taiwan #cambodia #user-review #wide-angle #review


  1. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    Nice photos and cute cam...

  2. caromi
    caromi ·

    Wonderful find! Too bad Cambodia is so far away!
    I guess you had to scan the negatives yourself though, right?

  3. pmats
    pmats ·

    I'm accidently here in Phnom Penh !
    Last time I went to the second hand shop things from Japan called '88' and I found a Fuji Instax mini 55i.. the seller didn't know there was blank space for the instax film so they gave me the discount from 10$ to 5$ only !

    I think I would visit there again today !

  4. tiro8
    tiro8 ·

    @caromi, yes, i scan the negatives myself; but i think a lab could scan them; they would just have a black strip on the top and bottom where the masks cover to create the panoramic effect.
    @pmats, that is awesome! which shop did you find the instax mini at? is it called 88? i am going to go look there and see if i can find some more sweet deals on japanese cameras!

  5. pmats
    pmats ·

    There are 2 '88' shops ,the small one is on Norodom Blvd. and the big shop I can't remember the street name but it's on the way out of town across the bridge. Today I went to the big shop and I got instax mini 10 for 15$ and MIRAX Panoramic Camera for 5$ . There are lots of Polaroid cameras there!

  6. jeffr
    jeffr ·

    "'s' stands for surprise" - lol. great article :)

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