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Actually, this isn’t a very special Tipster, I am just building on gmy’s “LC-A on the Ground”, add in some of my ideas and share it here.

In June 2007, I bought the Horizon Perfekt. In September, I shot my fourth roll, one of which is the B&W shot.

When I first owned this pricey Lomographic camera, I searched high and low for tips from other Horizon users. However, as it isn’t as popular as LC-AFisheye ,Holga…(Diana F+ hasn’t been “invented” yet), I can’t find much information. However, one that I managed to find spoke about shooting the Horizon from the ground level. Best effect can be achieved if the ground is flat and highly reflective.

I still remember that the B&W shot was taken during a lull period at the Asia-World Expo. Up till today, it is still one of my favorite photo. From then onwards, I will attempt to shoot my Horizon on reflective ground surfaces. Later on, I realized that another perfect time to shoot reflections will be after a heavy downpour. Each pool of water will provide a different reflection and the unique effect never fail to surprise me!

Next, I try to shoot floors with unique patterns or designs. Sometimes, you can’t really appreciate these drawings unless you are prone down on the ground.

It is much easier to share my experience on the web now. Lomogragy Online Magazine carries more and more articles. After reading other Lomographers’ tipsters, do you feel like trying it out yourself? Just put on your thinking cap and you can innovate something new by building on these articles. Regardless if the articles are about Films , Locations , Camera , or Tipster , don’t be afraid to experiment when you have the chance. Last but not the least, do share your experience with the other Lomographers, I am sure the feeling is more fulfilling than shooting one roll of nice photos!

written by ericeast on 2011-02-18 #gear #tutorials #people #night #negative #long-exposure #floor #ground #hong-kong #tipster #shopping-mall #asia #horizon #b-w #perfekt #hk
translated by coolsigg


  1. susielomovitz
    susielomovitz ·

    wow! Nice results! easy but helpful tip. good work.

  2. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    nice one! :D

  3. ikamilia
    ikamilia ·

    i love it (;

  4. peropero
    peropero ·

    ooh i have a couple of those! <3

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