Fuji Sensia 400 (Expired) - A difficult balance


Besides Fujifilm’s Provia 400X (RXP), it is getting more and more difficult to find fresh ISO400 slide films.

This is the third review on Fuji Sensia slide films written by Hong Kong Lomographer since Lomography Asia was established more than 1 year ago. The usual Sensia 100/200 (RA/RM) reviews are commonplace. This review will focus on Sensia 400 (RH), something that is still available on Fujifilm’s official website but can’t be found easily at photolabs or camera shops…

Not everyone can accept the saturated colors of cross processed slide films. Most Lomographers don’t mind the grainier images. Besides higher contrasts, most cross processed ISO400 slides show little or no color shifts. Recently, prices of Fujifilm’s fresh films has been increasing due to appreciating Japanese Yen. I can’t bear to use my beloved fresh Fuji Sensia 200 slides. Coincidentally, my friend found one batch of cheap expired Sensia 400, and I bought some to try out.

I used one roll on a “Sunshine” camera, the greenish blue tint after cross processing is quite acceptable for me. Shot under a single aperture and shutter speed, the performance is quite good under different lighting conditions. This film allows me to use the “Sunshine” camera under cloudy conditions. Shooting this with the LC-A+ at ISO800 setting and then cross processing it should yield quite good results.

The popularity of cross processing inevitably prolonged the lifespan of expired slide films!

written by cwyeung on 2011-02-11 #gear #film #review #sensia #slide-film #vivitar #uws #lomography #fujichrome #cross-process #film-photography #user-review #fujifulm
translated by coolsigg


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