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This is all about my best friend and daugther Zoe. She is only 7 years old but going on 18!

Yes the person that inspires the most is my 7 year old daughter. She appears in most of my shoots which can be very annoying for her! The story begins before she was born in the year 2001. After having two boys (now 12 and 10 years old) we figured no more babies. That was enough even tough I thought I would have a girl some day . So I went to the hospital to get should I say… “fixed”. Or so I thought. After waiting for hours the doctor informed me, “Sorry but you have to go home no surgery today!!!”

OK I said I am not going through this again! The following fall my youngest son was 2 years old and I had the maternal hormones kicking in and wanted to get pregnant one more time and maybe get lucky and have a girl! Sure enough within 2 weeks I was pregnant, of course I couldn’t wait to find out. We went to a special clinic to see if were going to have a girl ! Now I have a little video of my unborn child how cool is that! In June 28th 2003 I gave birth to a healthy baby girl 6 lb 15 oz. It wasn’t easy the first 2 years having 3 kids under 7 years of age but somehow we made it .

Zoe is a very determined and confident girl. She loves people and they love her. She wants to become a teacher one day which is perfect for her bossy nature! Ever since she was born I took tons of pictures with her as the subject. Now every time I get a new camera or new film she is the one I try it out on! How can you withstand the little pretty strawberry blond curly smiley girl!! Of coures sometimes she asks me: “Do you have to take pictures every time we go some where?” Oh Yeah!

Zoe is the only female in our small family and we have to stick together. We love shopping, getting dolled up together and I even started wearing pink again. It brings back the girl in me. We have a special bond. No boys aloud! Best friends forever! Pinky swear!

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  1. reixox
    reixox ·

    Super Cute! Congrats on getting a little girl to add to your beautiful family!
    At this rate, I'd put money on her becoming a lomo nut! :D

  2. dyluzo
    dyluzo ·

    Thanks for your likes and comments !!!!

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