The Sprinkler Factory


The Sprinkler Factory is one of the most Lomogenic places in Worcester.

The Sprinkler Factory is one of the most Lomogenic places in Worcester.

During World war 2, Howard freeman (not the 40’s actor) was asked to go on a secret mission to find a way to put out Fires on ships at sea. A few weeks later Freeman invented the ‘Water Fog Nozzle’, which was very successful and 100,000,000 went into production at the new Sprinkler Factory.

What I suggest, is to go to the back of the building, its amazing. Its a pretty big area of land that is surrounded by ware houses most of them abandoned. I love it, from all the broken windows to the weird cement shapes (that i still haven’t found out what there function was). Its best to go there later in the day, around 6 cause that’s when most of the people that are there leave, so you wont be bothered. If you are ever in Worcester MA, grab your camera and head to 38 Harlow st.

If you ever come to Worcester, grab your Lomocam and head out there. Basically The Sprinkler Factory is an old sprinkler factory that has been abandoned, but it does have a few art studios in about half, the other half there is nothing. Its Beautiful, from the broken windows to the giant circle of cement (that has an unknown function.) If you can sneak on the rooftops you can get some sick shots, but unfortunately the closed up the gap in the barbed wire that we could jump over. But I’m sure there is another way to get up those rooftops. Oh, watch out for the construction workers, they kicked me out once.

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    great location.

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