LomoPeople: Maria

There are probably tons of ways how you could write a text like this. This could be a celebration of kitsch, a love song, a poem or even a tribute to the idea of a blind and greasy romance. But that would not be fair.

It would not be fair, because she deserves so much more than that. She, my Poppy, who came into my life and turned everything I’ve ever known upside down. For me she is the redefinition of kinship, in which not everything is always good, in which there is laughing and crying, screaming and fighting, loving and missing, demanding and giving, hurting and forgiving. She is my definition of friendship that points the finger at me if something is wrong. She is the great feeling of never being alone, no matter how many miles may lie between us. She is the weight that pushes me down to earth when I take off and the helping hand that lifts me to heaven when I’m devastated.

She is my constant challenge, my very companion, my muse, my inspiration, always on my mind, always there, never really gone.

She is my Poppy.

Song of our life: Bromheads Jacket – Poppy Bird

written by emmasknopf on 2011-02-03 #people #lifestyle #portrait #poppy #lomography #mannheim #analogue-lifestyle #lomopeople
translated by emmasknopf

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