LomoPeople: Sven

Why is Sven one of the LomoPeople? He only does digital photography. He’s a technical geek, no matter if it’s about his TV, his PC, his mobile phone or any other everyday item.

It’s of capital importance for him that everything is shiny, colourful and blinking. His digital SLR features more setting options than my Lomo cameras do altogether and every motiv is captured in 20-30 different combinations of ISO and aperture settings.

But nevertheless: for me, Sven is a real „Lomoman“. He was the one who gave me my SuperSampler in 2009. He didn’t know it back then, but with this gift he opened a door for me and thereby he gave me so much more. He gave me a wonderland full of cameras, films and photos, experiments, colours and anticipation!

Today he’s the one buying me Polaroid films, fussing over me when I’m (once again) too lazy to take my LC-A with me or when I forgot to rewind the film in my Diana Mini. Sven is also the one who cannot wait to get my freshly developed films from the drugstore.

Although being a digital geek – and probably disavowing it – he is truly living the analogue lifestyle.

Sven, you’re my Lomoman!

written by illy on 2011-05-27 #lifestyle #analogue #digital #friend

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