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A well-known area in Istanbul that is filled with skyscrapers now but used to be just some empty field 50 years ago. Maslak, is considered as the “skyscraper district” of Istanbul and is literally filled with tall, tall buildings with a lot of elegant business people hanging around.

We can say that Maslak is the skyscraper district of Istanbul. It is full of tall tall buildings which all have security guards and checkpoints at their entrances and all these super elegant business people hanging around, have their secret entrance cards that they use to get in their offices, and you can never guess what is happening in there.

In the 1950s my father used to go to school there. He always mentions that when he was a primary school student there were no buildings around this whole area apart from his school and another high school. They were playing games in the woods and there was just one tiny road that connected this area to the coastal areas of Istanbul, which was a sweet journey made of nice countryside sights with the moo-ing cows around. As you see there is not much left from the woods but this district became one of the most valued land in Istanbul and my father’s primary school was turned into a huge shopping mall where they sell some fancy furniture. My father tells me that when he was a primary school student in this area, the value of one square meter of land there was cheaper than half of his weekly pocket money. It’s insane to think that after 50 years, if you even want to rent a place around there, prices are astronomical. The worst thing about Maslak is when you accidentally pass here at the end of a work day, all the people in all these tall buildings try to get out of here simultaneously and you can get stuck in traffic for a long while. Luckily there is now a subway that passes in this area.

I am really curious about the general appearance of the whole district after another 50 years. There are still a lot of construction going on and rumors about expansions. All these skyscrapers give me a weird feeling that they are huuuuge organisms and the people inside are only their blood or brain cells or some kind of other living, tiny, unimportant micro organisms which all have a specific duty like our own body. Somehow, they have a beauty and the whole place has a different feeling compared to other places in Istanbul.

Honestly, I never had the chance to get into any skyscraper around this area. I bet there is an awesome view from the top for some shooting as well but this time I was at the bottom, maybe next time.

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  1. nural
    nural ·

    I might have gone to the school as your dad, and even 10 years ago, maslak only had about 1 skyscraper!! And now I'm one if the people with a secret entrance card to one of the buildings ;) but never thought to shoot around here!!

  2. marshrutniy
    marshrutniy ·

    Very nice story and picts, thank you for this :)

  3. glenn
    glenn ·


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