LC-A Big Book Chapter 39: LOMO LCA+ Forever


In a record breaking six months after the signing of the contract and the engineering start date in April 2006 the first new LOMO LC-A+ lay in the hands of the Chinese engineer – and it worked! However only to begin with only. Further prototypes of the camera were then manufactured and sent to Vienna.

Then the cameras were rigorously tested in all kinds of conditions and locations. Problem reports were written, reports were sent to China and the last few changes were made. After another six months of the testing and production phase in September 2006 the first LOMO LC-A+ cameras from China were presented to the world and sold worldwide with its mass produced transplanted heart (= Minitar 1 Lens). Since June 2007 the Chinese have also been producing the Minitar 1 lens – thus you can choose between a LOMO LC-A+ with a Russian lens and a Chinese LOMO LC-A+ with a Chinese lens. Needless to say the cleverly introduced Chinese copy of the Minitar 1 is already part of the LOMO LC-A+, and the new lens delivers 98% of the same results as its Russian original. So that’s the story behind the small camera, which first began its journey in St Petersburg on engineer Mikhail Grigorievich Kholomyansky’s wooden desk. It continued in the unending vastness of the former Soviet Union, made history at the penultimate Congress of the Communist Party, nearly became extinct, and then accidentally found itself in the trouser pockets and hearts of some inventive Tyroleans who founded Lomography. At present the small camera is being reproduced by Chinese engineers according to the original Russian plans and its story has ended up here, in this book.

However, the Lomographic Society is not taking a break. Even though the LOMO LC-A+ has currently achieved pole position among analogue cameras in the 21st Century, the irresistible drive and further development of analogue photography is set to continue (and if anything, is only at the beginning) and will still bring many surprises.What does the future hold? We’re not giving anything away… what’s certain is that the LOMO LC-A will valiantly continue to have an important role in analogue snapshot photography. We Lomographers don’t doubt that for a second! As long as there are enthusiastic, creative and wild lovers of photography who love the small thing and its extraordinary history just as we do, the LOMO LC-A will live on and our adventure will never end. Lomo on!

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  1. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    Please, next have Colibri duplicate and improve the LOMO Electra 112. Street photogs will love you forever!! That Industar 73 is a serious lens, and it has a range finder.

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