Diana F+ - Welcome to her World!


Allow us to re-introduce you again to the wonderful world of the Diana F+. More than just a faithful recreation of a ‘60s classic – it’s a multitalented medium-format camera that offers various perspectives and unique effects! Buy a Diana F+ camera today and you’ll get 20% off discount on a Diana Accessory!

A Brief History Lesson

Some things come and some things go, but others are made to stay. Ever since the Diana+ emerged on the scene in the early 1960s from the Great Wall Plastics Factory in Hong Kong, she has had special place in the hearts of photographers and artists the world over. She’s held hands with Warhol, snapped models and celebrities, and firmly established herself as an photography icon. Since 2007, thanks to Lomography, you have the chance to still shoot with her today. Her original charms (radiant color-dripping lens, soft-focus surprises, all-plastic body, dead-simple shutter) were expertly duplicated to provide the authentic look n’ feel of the original. On top of that, brand new Pinhole & Endless Panorama features were added into the mix! And once you discover her, there is no going back…

Why We Love Her So

With the Diana F+ in your hands, the world becomes a different place. There’s lots of things to love about her. Here’s just a few:

  • The Diana Lens – There really is nothing quite like it. Capture beautiful, dreamy images, with classic vignetting.
  • Two Shutter Speeds – Choose whether to shoot “N” or “B” modes, meaning you have full control over the exposure, and you can choose to shoot instant snapshots or 20 minute long-exposures.
  • The Photos – As the Diana F+ uses medium format film, the photos come out square, making them distinctively different from probably anything you’ve shot before.
  • Multiple Exposures – With the Diana F+, you control when you wind on the film, meaning you can shoot one, two, or as many images over the top of each other as you like.
  • Pinhole Setting – The lens on the Diana F+ is fully detachable, so you can discard it completely and try out surreal pinhole photography.

More than Meets the Eye

There’s a lot more to the Diana world than just a camera. Apart from her lovingly reproduced 1960s style plastic body, apart from the gorgeous, light-leaked square photos she produces, apart from the classic Diana F+ lens that gives that trademark soft focus look, apart from the fully manual shutter, apart from the varied focal lengths, apart from her flash. Apart from all of that, there are also a whole load of awesome accessories to indulge in.

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  • Diana 35mm Back+ – While we love shooting medium format film, the Diana also has the option of shooting 35mm film. Just attach a new back to her, and away you go. You can even shoot over the sprocket holes.
  • Diana Instant Back+ – If waiting for your photos to be developed is too much to ask, we also have the very popular Instant Back, which means you can take photos and print them in an instant.

Shoot in Style

Of course, being one of our most popular cameras, a lot of you probably already have a Diana F+. Sure you know most of this already. But we’re sure there’s some things you don’t know. And as it’s the time of giving, we’re don’t want to leave you empty handed.

That’s why we put together this selection of tips and tricks that will help even the most seasoned veteran get the more from their plastic friend.

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