The Great Big Lomography Film Bible: Colour Reversal/Slide Film Edition Pt. 5


As part of our tireless quest to bring you the most complete analogue film information on the planet, we present Part 5 of the Great Big Lomography Film Bible: Colour Reversal/Slide Film Edition. Today, it’s all about Lomography and Rollei films!

Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100 – ISO: 100
It’s here, it’s gone, and it’s here again in the Lomography shop (as of this writing, anyhow). Lomo’s first house-brand slide film became a fast favourite back in 2008. Super-saturated, lots of colour shifts and perfect for multi-exposures, Lomography X-Pro Chrome doesn’t have to be cross-processed (you can make slides by processing in traditional E-6 chemicals), but it’s all the more fun if you do. Plus, it has the bonus of stating that it can be processed in C-41 chemicals or E-6 right on the canister, so there’s less chance that your local photo lab will get confused when you request that your film be cross-processed.

Photos by: dannyedwards, elvinmartinezsmith, lomography

Lomography X-Pro Slide 200 – ISO: 200
Psst. Guess what? This super high-contrast, Lomography X-Pro Slide film that’s producing all those awesome cross-processed images with the amazing reds and poppy blues? Well, it’s actually the long-revered (and sadly discontinued) Agfa RSX-II 200 reborn and re-branded. Those who remember this beloved emulsion, know its resurrection is in itself is cause for celebration. And those who haven’t yet run a roll through one of their cameras: do it. You don’t know what you’re missing.

Photos by: ==lomopop,panelomo==, loloswan

Rollei Cross-Bird/ Rollei Digibase CR200 – ISO: 200
Just when we thought the wonderful Agfa RSX-II 200 was gone for good, out come not one, not two, but three re-branded versions of the old favourite — and two of them are available under the Rollei brand (the other is Lomography X-Pro Slide 200). Both Cross-Bird and Digibase CR200 are really the old Agfa RSX-II 200 emulsion in disguise.

Photos by: thecheekyscamp, timtamtahu, herr_zeit

Pamela Klaffke is a former newspaper and magazine journalist who now works as a novelist and photographer.

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