UK Lomographic Lives no. 7: discodrew


It’s with great pleasure that we introduce discodrew to you, another of our awesome UK community members!

Name: Drew Dadds a.k.a. discodrew
Where I Live: Flitwick, Bedfordshire
Age: 35
Dayjob: Performance Manager at IPSA, the new body set up to regulate MP’s expenses.

Drews favourite picture

This is a picture of me and my long suffering wife. This was taken earlier this year when I was just getting into Lomography and I had bought a Fisheye 1 camera from the London Gallery Store, just down the road from where I work.
I think it sums up how I felt having discovered Lomography and fallen madly in love with it. There I am looking all pleased with myself and my new camera and my wife, posing for the umpteenth photo taken two inches away from her face. Since then I’ve gone on to test her patience many more times as she’s posed for many of my photos. I can’t leave the house without making sure I have the right camera or we stop somewhere because I’ve seen a great shot I want to take. Thanks love!

How long I’ve been a Lomographer:
I’ve been a Lomographer since April this year. My favourite camera at the moment is my Olympus XA2, it’s a take everywhere, always ready for action, zone focus compact and a great alternative for the LCA, if like me you’re still saving up your pennies. Usually it’s loaded with Kodak EliteChrome EB, certainly since I discovered cross processing. I’m waiting to use my Holga 120 CFN at Christmas and that could be my number 1.

My Gallery

In my own words….
I’m always promoting Lomography to my friends and I love the way they look at my crappy cameras and can’t believe that anything decent can come out of them. However they like the photo’s that come out and use them as profile pics on Facebook.
Each month I have a photo rumble against a digital photography friend of mine (He knows the futures analogue but I think he’s in denial) the first theme was transport and I took my car tunnel pic, cyclist in pink, tube train and some other shots at St Pancras. I lost to a photo of my friend dressed in a superman cape on roller skates and being pulled along by his dog. Ah well, that’s comedy for you! It’s been pretty close between us each month and it’s all good fun and pushes my Lomography to try new things.
I love Lomography. I love the plastic cameras, multiple lenses, fisheye’s, cross processing, taking cameras apart (or when they fall apart), the people I meet on and at the store, the rumbles, the saturated colours, the continuous experimentation, waiting for film to be processed, the disappointments and the glory when you see that doubtful shot came off perfectly!

Ones to watch:
adamscott (The reason I got into Lomography)

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  1. nicolas_noir
    nicolas_noir ·

    Love 5 in your gallery!

  2. discodrew
    discodrew ·

    Thanks. It's a reflection of the Victoria Memorial outside Buckingham Palace.

  3. azzzy
    azzzy ·

    i like it that you have a photo rumble against a digital photographer friend.

  4. discodrew
    discodrew ·

    @azzzy once a month we pick a new theme. We've had Transport, Autumn and now Christmas. It's good as it keeps me trying new things, however I found that Facebook friends don't like the kind of Lomography photo's that are popular here.

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