The Great Big Lomography Film Bible: Colour Reversal/Slide Film Edition Pt. 2


As part of our tireless quest to bring you the most complete analogue film information on the planet, we present Part 2 of the Great Big Lomography Film Bible: Colour Reversal/Slide Film Edition. Today, it’s all about Agfa!

Agfa RSX-II – ISO: 50/100/200 *
The most coveted of all discontinued slide films, Agfa’s classic RSX-II series is best known for it’s wonderful saturation and colour balance, even when cross-processed. Like many of the old Agfa films, it’s the reds and blues that sing the loudest with RSX-II, giving images a distinctly retro Technicolor quality. While it was a sad day when Agfa stopped producing these films, savvy companies like Lomography and Rollei recognized the ongoing demand for RSX-II and produce the 200 speed emulsion under the names Lomography X-Pro Slide 200 and Rollei Cross-Bird and Rollei Digibase CR200.

Agfa RSX-II 50

Photos by: stoonja, jelga, pamelaklaffke

Agfa RSX-II 100

Photos by: akhsarual, mephisto19, dazb

Agfa RSX-II 200

Photos by: jhunnie, dropkick, klickovic

Agfa 1000RS – ISO: 1000 *
High-speed slide film is hard-to-find, which makes Agfa 1000RS such a treat (if you can find it!). Like most high-speed film, expect plenty of grain, but in typical Agfa fashion, you’ll find that the colours still pop. A great film for shooting in low-light conditions or at night — particularly live entertainment — 1000RS produces images that have a warm, vintage-style feel.

Photos by: dirklancer, il_fafao, zeube

Agfa CT Precisa – ISO: 100
Okay, so we can all pretty much admit that “new Agfa” films are not as spectacular as the “old Agfa” films, but that doesn’t mean that Precisa is a bad slide film — it’s just unpredictable. While reds and blues remain strong, this film often has massive colour shifts when cross-processed and there are few constants. It’s an inexpensive consumer film, so the low price is appealing and if you’re up for experimentation, it can be a whole lot of fun. But if you’re looking for solid, somewhat predictable results, you’re better off with a pro film.

Photos by: dfred, inotion, tallgrrlrocks

*discontinued/deadstock film

Pamela Klaffke is a former newspaper and magazine journalist who now works as a novelist and photographer.

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  1. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    Good work, and thanks for sharing the info.... <:))

  2. basho
    basho ·

    I know it's only x-pro, but I like it
    I know it's only x-pro, but I like it
    like it

  3. fed
    fed ·

    Looks like you love the Agfa stuff. You should try some Kodak. EPP is pretty intense. I was lucky enough to shoot some Agfa RSX back in the day.

  4. zixolalu
    zixolalu ·

    With which camera did you recommended me to use with Agfa 1000 RS. I tried with LC A+ at 800, but the results aren't good.

  5. redfactor
    redfactor ·

    excellent article!!!

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