1600 Your Hero in the Night.


Lights camera action! Fuji Superia 1600 film is your star in the night, for quick shots in the night without the trouble of long exposures or carrying a tripod where ever you go. With Christmas and new year just around the corner, load up this film in your camera and snap the fancy Christmas and new year light decorations with a peace of mind from blur and underexposed pictures.

Flashing lights! Colorful decorated trees! Giant Santa that light up the night line the streets! CHRISTMAS IS ON ITS WAY! And there’s not better film to use to capture all those magical lights than the 35mm Fuji Superia 1600iso film. This is the very first time that I’m using this film for night shots and was I blown away.

With its high speed, you’ll never have to worry about using a tripod or holding your camera as steady as possible while taking a picture at night. I loaded the film into my Nikon FM2 and i was able to take pictures at night with a decent aperture and shutter speed setting. I never had to use a flash or a tripod to capture any of my pictures. The pictures produced by this film are sharp and full of details. For a high speed film there is hardly any noticeable grain even after blowing up the picture.

This film is also great for day time shots, one don’t have to worry about your pictures being overexposed shooting in daylight. Its 1600 iso speed will allow you to capture moving subjects with ease and confidence that you’ve captured the subject with no blurs.

With new year just around the corner I’ll be getting around roll of Fuji Superia 1600iso to capture the lights, parties and fireworks of the end of 2010.

written by azzzy on 2010-12-20 #gear #review #user-review #fuji-superia-1600-singapore-fuji-night-shots-singapore


  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Your damn' right, the absence of grain is surprising ! Great review !

  2. hail90
    hail90 ·

    Photos are AWESOME! Shame the films quite expensive. love this review!

  3. zindzee
    zindzee ·

    Thanks for an awesome review...I will be trying this film this Christmas season!

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