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On September 18th, AC Gears, the funky gadget boutique du jour of Manhattan, hosted a closing party for their first ever photo contest: “Robot Love”. The shop asked its customers to go out and interpret the theme in any way their Lomographic vision could capture. The results were cross processed mannequins, robots on parade, and a fully costumed duo who spread some robot love all over town.

Lomography stepped in to turn the usually all (and very) white interior of the store into a Lomographic installation of robot wonder.

We wanted to find out more about store owner, Kohn Liu, as well as the word on weird gadgets and a little bit of robot love.

Weirdest gadget/robot you’ve ever seen?

- We used to sell this USB powered Slippers. So if you can’t afford to pay rent and your heat gets cut off by your landlord, at least your still have your computer, and it’ll keep your feet warm.

Rosie (from the Jetsons) vs Bender (from Futurama): who would win in a cage match?

- I am not familiar with Rosie, so I will have to say Bender wins.

One gadget you use every single day?

- My (non-iPhone) cellphone

If you were a robot, what would you be programmed to do?

- To bring peace and justice to this world …

One task you wish you had a robot to do for you?

- Go out and bring back cash for me.

What do robots dream about?

- Other robots

Favorite Vintage Gadget (from before the advent of the internet)?

- MiniDisc (not that vintage, but it’s dead now)

Best alternative energy source to power an army of gadgets?

- LOVE … just kidding, how about human waste.

Your choice in gadget fashion: Black or Chrome? and why?

- BLACK! Black’s always in.

Coolest band from Japan?

- Mondo Grosso, although he’s more like a DJ. So maybe m-Flo.

Favorite thing to take pictures of?

- People

Best place in New York to bring your camera?

- Along the East River from downtown to midtown. You get to see the neighborhoods change.

Best place in Japan to bring your camera?

- Downtown Tokyo like Shinjuku, super clean metropolis with all kinds of people, some very interest architecture, with small Japanese streets embedded within.

Kohn’s Advice of the Day:

- Keep creating, that’s the only way to really live.

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  1. kazarareta
    kazarareta ·

    m-flo rocks.

  2. sidra
    sidra ·

    I have some ac gears event pictures on my home page. Go take a look!

  3. klingsor
    klingsor ·

    why AC GEARS not publish pics of the others winners?
    I would like to see all the contest! why don't?

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