Here Comes My VIVITAR!


This tiny plastic fantastic is considered as the cheapest plastic „point and shoot“ camera with ultra wide lens (22mm!!!). That´s not a joke… That´s VIVITAR ULTRA WIDE and SLIM!

Mmmkay… How should I start? With a general informations? Maybe, but I think there is much more to say about this little pal than generalizing facts about it.. If you want more of those boring infos, go and google it!

So as I wrote before, we are „talking“ about a full plastic let´s say toy camera. No adjustments, no options, nothing… Only a damn shutter and that amazing wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide lens. The camera itself weights less than a 35mm film does. That makes Viv a great companion across the town full of inspiration. But look out! There is a problem with carrying this camera in your pocket! You can easily forget that you have actually anything in it! I know what Isay! I have almost lost it when my mother went to feed our washing machine with my jeans! Thank you mom, I will take care next time…

What was I writing about? Aaah, yes, the camera is sooooooo light, sooo small, so slim! I own around 40 different cameras, but I have not seen a shooter like this. It is like holding a 10pcs cigarette package in your hands and shooting amazing shots with it!

If the Viv UW&S is a poor man´s Lomo LC-A, which is a heavy gun compared to it! I’m not joking. If I would choose between the LCA and the Viv as a secondary weapon in urban areas (the main weapon would be an SLR), then I would probably choose a lighter one! So light, so wide, so slim, both with a film, but viv do not need any batteries! Another good reason!

Then, look at the shots… colors, contrast, vignettes, wide angle…yummy!
What are we talking about? Lighter, wider, smaller, no batteries? Guess what?
…..and the winner iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis VIVITAR ULTRA WIDE AND SLIM!

-ultra light weight
-ultra wide lens
-ultra no batteries

-ultra missing hotshoe

Tech spec:
-full plastic body
-fixed f/11 aperture
-22 mm plastic wide lens
- fixed1/125 shutter speed
-recommended film speed (iso400)

written by engelbert on 2010-12-22 #gear #review #user-review #vivitar-ultra-wide-and-slim-point-and-shoot

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