Double Exposures with LC-A+ and Diana Mini

Are the LC-A+ and Diana Mini mutually exclusive? Can they have any connection? Let’s test it out!

For Lomographers who own an LC-A+, they should have experienced that some film just doesn’t feel within the LC-A+. Sometimes, it doesn’t feel smooth when winding the film and will produce some screeching sound. I’ve often worry that I could not finish the whole film, so after taking a few shots, I have to regrettably wind it back and place it into my new Diana Mini. Who would have thought, this is how double exposed photos appear.

I choose to take 24×24 format photos on my Diana Mini. Black strips would appear on both left and right of the photo, and this is the best location to take a double exposed photo on the LC-A+. Personally, I prefer to take photos that are deeper or darker in colour on the LC-A+ so that the photos taken on the Diana Mini will not be covered. Although I only have a few photos with such effects, the result are quite acceptable.

Everyone should try this out!

written by luchisuki on 2010-02-10 #gear #tutorials #tipster #double-exposure #lc-a #diana-mini
translated by gabsc

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