DIY Lomo LC-A Lamp


How to build an awesome Lomo LC-A lamp in one day! So take some time, manual skills, wood, a photo and get started.

A cooperation between macstef & purple_snow

What do you need?

L-CA paper bag (or something similar)
Acrylic glass („Plexiglas“)
Bulb holder + bulb
Cable with switch and plug
Paint and/or finish
And of course some manual skills – we have to admit, we had a determined father/father-in-law instead

The idea

When we visited the Lomo Gallery Store Berlin some month ago they had these awesome Lomo LC-A paper bags. Although we only bought a shirt, we went home with two of these great bags. We both thought about creating some kind of lamp with it and after some months of creative process we finally tried it.

How to do it

1. Measure your bag/photo and cut the wood and acrylic glass
→ The easiest way is when the wood has a notch where you can push the glass in later on
2. Built a box with the wood, paint it on the outside and let it dry
3. Fix the bulb holder inside the box
4. Again remove one side of the box to push in the glass together with the bag/photo
5. Just screw in the bulb, hang the lamp on the wall, plug it in and switch it on!

As you can see on the photos we had some problems removing the bag’s handle. We tried it with steam, but you can still see it. If you come up with a better idea, just tell us! :)

Have fun and lomo on!

written by purple_snow on 2011-01-09 #gear #tutorials #tipster #decoration #diy-l-ca-lamp-macstef-purple_snow #lc-a-top-tipster


  1. mariefisen
    mariefisen ·


  2. idigtulsa
    idigtulsa ·

    Awesome idea! Now I REALLY want a Lomo Gallery Store in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

  3. boogie
    boogie ·

    beautiful, i would buy that

  4. welland
    welland ·

    Sorry to be a killjoy but I am a fire management consultant and this is actually quite dangerous. Just because the bulb isn't touching it can still ignite via radiated heat.

    If you do decide to make one please be VERY careful

    Mr Killjoy

  5. purple_snow
    purple_snow ·

    @everybody: Thanks so much for liking my 1st article!!
    @welland: thanks for adding this, you're right, you should be careful and use an energy saving lamp or even better a led since these don't get as hot as a regular bulb! and what I forgot to mention is that we actually have a second piece of acrylic glass behind the paper bag.

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