My Better Half Rumble Announcement


Two is definitely better than one, as evidenced by the lovely bunch of entries that we received from you guys for the “My Better Half Rumble”. So without further ado, here are the three winners who will each get five fat piggies for their winning photographs!


For those who want to make the most out of their film supply, then the Diana Mini is a fantastic choice for a camera! A roll of 36 can magically give you 72 frames – now how cool is that, right? Apparently so cool that you guys gave us a bunch of interesting half-frame photographs produced by your Diana Minis.While each entry had an interesting story to tell, these three stood out the most for being cute, imaginative, and amusing. So congrats and enjoy your 5 fat piggies!


For our winners, please head on to our new Member’s Benefits FAQ section for queries on Piggy Points and further information. Congratulations and thank you for continuously supporting our rumbles!

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  1. elletra
    elletra ·

    all are fantastic

  2. kylethefrench
    kylethefrench ·

    drumfire, the most sexo pharmacia

  3. disdis
    disdis ·

    congrats winners!

  4. maneke
    maneke ·

    * Congrats !!!

  5. dogma
    dogma ·

    Congrats guys!

  6. basterda
    basterda ·

    Congratulations! :)

  7. icuresick
    icuresick ·

    Nice lomographs! Congratulations!

  8. warning
    warning ·

    Congratulations!. Well done.

  9. tallgrrlrocks
    tallgrrlrocks ·

    Great winning photos! Congrats! ...More Rumble announcements coming? Yahoo!

  10. nandaurbano
    nandaurbano ·


  11. awesomesther
    awesomesther ·

    Lovely! Congrats to all winners! :D

  12. stickyvinny
    stickyvinny ·


  13. kevinlj182
    kevinlj182 ·


  14. salvacasablancas
    salvacasablancas ·

    Wow.... I've been out and I didn't know I've won!!! Thanks everybody!

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