1950s Agfa Clack


The Agfa Clack was introduced in 1954 and built until 1965 by Agfa in Germany. The camera uses 120mm medium format film and creates pictures that are 6 to 9cm wide (so not the usual square pictures but landscape!). You get 8 pictures on one roll of medium format film, and those negs are HUGE!

Some say the “Clack” got it’s name because of the sound the camera makes when pressing the shutter release. The sound is a wonderful, mechanical “clack” when the shutter is opened and closed again. The “Clack” does not have many settings to choose from. You can choose between “M” and “B” modus, whereas “B” stand for “bulb” and allows long exposures (as long as the shutter release is hold down!). “M” stands for the normal shutter speed of 1/35. You also have the possibility to choose between three different apertures: 1 to 3 metres, “cloudy days” and “sunny days”. The range goes from 1 metre to infinty.
Because of the convex lense the back of the camera is also slightly curved so that the pictures you take still have a sharp focus. And although this camera looks cheap it has a screwed fitting for a cable release and a tripod socket at the bottom (and, if you’re lucky, there is also a yellow filter attached to some of the old models)
If you find one of those precious little “Clacks” on a flea market and aren’t sure whether the camera still works or not then just take the back of, put the little lever to “B” and press the release. When the lens stays open and closes again when you let go of the release the camera works. There’s actually nothing that can break on this camera ;-) which makes it a reliable companion.

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  1. stinketier
    stinketier ·

    Hey, nice review.
    There was already something about the Agfa Clack earlier.
    I also have one at my home, and i love it, but it's long ago since i made the last photos with my agfa clack. Also nice shots, and the negatives are really huge.
    There's also a Agfa Clack Album somewhere in my home.
    It's Huge And It Makes Clack, it's an Agfa.
    Greetings Kilian

  2. makeyuu
    makeyuu ·

    i also got one somewhere. but never used..

  3. graefin
    graefin ·

    Use it! It's great! Especially for Long exposures!

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