Sprocket Rocket - 合上眼睛隨意過片

合上眼睛,來為你的 Sprocket Rocket 過片吧!

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大家也知道中片幅的重疊影像是怎樣的了,我實在很喜歡那些照片,但如果你合上眼睛來為新買來的 Sprocket Rocket 過片,又會如何?你將會得到無間斷的連齒孔照片,完全重疊的、少許重疊的、混在一起的物件、混在一起的主題……你更可用 Diana Close-Up Lens ,把近攝的與正常的映像亂成一團。試試看,加點實驗精神,我相信你會很喜歡拍出來的效果的!


written by mephisto19 on 2010-12-12 #gear #tutorials #camera #tipster #quickie-tipster #sprocket-rocket #overlaping-blind-roll
translated by shanti929


Bringing an iconic aesthetic to square format instant photography, the Diana Instant Square fills frames with strong, saturated colors and rich, moody vignetting. Built to let your inspiration run wild, our latest innovation features a Multiple Exposure Mode, a Bulb Mode for long exposures, a hot shoe adapter and so much more! It’s even compatible with all of the lenses created for the Diana F+ so that you can shake up your perspective anytime, anywhere. No two shots will ever be the same. Back us on Kickstarter now!

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