Quickie tipster - Another Horizon portrait


Using the Horizon to take portraits and headshots? Can it be done? A very cool way to take photos!

When we use a “Horizon” (http://asia.shop.lomography.com/cameras/panoramic-cameras/horizon-perfekt) to take photos with f2.8 aperture, the closest focal length would fall between 5.5m to infinite. As most of my friends do not like taking any headshots or do not wish to see their faces clearly, I’ve decided to use this method to take headshots.

Tune the shutter speed on the Horizon to the slowest (you can do this regardless of whether this is the Kompakt or the Perfekt ) and place the camera right in front of the face of the person being photographed so that it would nearly touch his or her nose. Afterwards, whilst you are pressing the shutter, pull the camera away (slowly or quickly) from the person being photographed and towards yourself. Before the shutter hole closes, you may continue to pull the camera back or push the camera forward, or moving it back and forth.

This way, you would be able to take some pretty interesting headshots!

written by ericeast on 2011-06-18 #gear #tutorials #test #fun #portrait #camera #experiment #tipster #shake #horizon #friends #quickie-tipster #hand-held
translated by gabsc

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