The Art of Gerhard Steidl


Following the principle of “learning by doing”, Gerhard Steidl has been passionately designing and publishing art and photography books for decades now. Here’s a brief look into his art!

From: In Between by Shelly Verthime, Guy Bourdin

Gerhard Steidl first got his feet wet in the printing business back in 1967 when he was just 17. Steidl approached Andy Warhol himself in an exhibition and asked the world-famous artist about his printing and silkscreen techniques. And naturally, it didn’t take long for the art community to take notice of his impeccable technique and eye for detail.

Fast forward to today, what began as a backyard enterprise has evolved into one of the world’s most sophisticated and distinguished printing and publishing companies. Whether fashion, art or literature, Steidl sees himself as a servant, as the artist’s and author’s ally, helping him or her “to do magic”, to realize their creative dreams, and to get them out to the readers.

If you are interested in seeing a very special exhibition of his work and are in Paris, head on over to Monnaie de Paris, 11 Quai de Conti, 6th. . Definitely worth the trip, the exhibit features more than just his wonderful books!

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From: Before Color by William Eggleston

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