Spring Bonnet Competition


Spring finally arrived and I have my first brand new slide film

On April 23 we celebrated our school’s first Spring Hat Contest, “the first Spring Bonnet Competition.”

Both children and teachers were excited! We had to make our own hats, the most original way. In the case of children, it was important that they participate in making their own hat, as it would help when choosing the winners.

And the big day finally came! The school was filled with color, spring had finally arrived, after long weeks of rain accompanied us. And what better time to get my Diana Mini? My roll of 35mm X-Pro Slide arrived unexpected for a special occasion and this day was chosen. I knew the theory of slide film but it had not been implemented.

I started taking pictures as the children arrived. Many were surprised to see a camera that you could not see the results after taking the picture (what can you do with the generation of “digital native”), but everyone wanted to be in the picture. Too bad that I discovered there was only a little light inside the building. So this film produced shades of green and half the pictures came out so dark the the images were indistinguishable. (why is it that I always like the mess up pictures?)

Thankfully the parade started and we left. Already in the yard, I got use to using the Diana with the slide film. Bright colors and retro images.

It’s a shame you can not teach the children about photography. For privacy reasons, we are not allowed to publish photos of children without parental consent. But if you are curious to see them, you can always pass for the class and ask if you could teach them about photography.

written by littlekoala on 2011-04-11 #gear #review #hats #cross-process #user-review #spring-competition
translated by mightymouse


  1. littlekoala
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    thanks for the translation :)

  2. lamp
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    Fantastic hats :)

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