Benicassim, not just the FIB

Back in July, we spent two weekends in Benicassim, avoiding FIB and playing with our cameras. Weekend getaways such as this is a must on exceptionally hot days in the city during summertime. Lazy days spent in this small village also make for an interesting setting for analogue photographs.

The weather in Madrid got too hot for us, so last July we ended up spending some weekends in Benicassim (in my summer house) to try to rest a bit and enjoy refreshing dips in the Mediterranean Sea.
Benicassim is a small village north of Castellón, aside from its very popular music festival, there are actually a lot of things worth visiting in this place.

You’ll be delighted to see the different beaches available, from thin and white sand beaches in the “El Torreon” area to rocky beaches recently stolen from the sea, even some nasty sand beaches and even a big wild beach near Castellón.

It’s also a great idea to explore the city by foot as Benicassim has beautiful seaside walks. At night, it is full of street vendors and lots of color, and during the daytime, you can either go on a walk, get a bike and ride along the cycling paths leading to Castellón city center or to “La Concha” beach in Oropesa (next village following the coast).

If you prefer hiking, there’s a small mountain chain located behind the town. It is where you can find “El Bartolo” peak, which is very popular with the villagers. Here you can go hiking through the palm desert up to the Carmelite’s Monastry while enjoying the awesome view and then cap off your day with fine fresh wine.

At night, try to sample the many different small restaurants in the area. Have a drink or enjoy a typical milky ice cream.

If you are looking for a “Spanish Fiesta”, well don’t expect much since there really isn’t one in this location. You can try to have a late drink in one of the few discos that remain open near the water park, or if not, just get a good night’s rest after a long day.

Given the multitude of things that you can do here, we are not going to talk about the FIB (music festival) anymore, as you don’t need it to have a great time.

For a place to stay in, we found a lovely “lomographic” hotel in the town center, Hotel Benicassim with good prices and very nice architecture.

If you do decide to go, any season is actually good but summertime is still the best, in my opinion.

Bon voyage and don’t forget to get a nice tan!

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